Programming Board


When you design many boards (over 100, to date) you start to see common requirements. Most boards need a way to connect:

  • Programming (JTAG)

  • Power

  • UART Serial Interface

There’s no easy way to accomplish this without adding a lot of connectors to the board, so we made our own small programming board. This connects to the target PCBA with one small connector. This connector is a spring loaded cable so no part is required on the target, only a PCB pattern.

programming board

This programming board has been used to program tens of thousands of devices because it is so versatile. It can interface with three types of processors:

  • TI MSP430

  • TI 8051 (CC2530, CC2541, etc.)

  • ARM from multiple vendors

This programming board acts as a “breakout board” to convert from the 10 pin target connector to industry standard connectors.