Electronic Engineering Services

At Xology we are passionate about designing great products. We’ve designed over 100 printed circuit boards (PCBs) and are pretty good at it. We help customers develop their product by providing electronic engineering services including:

  • System Architecture - defining requirements, answering questions before design

  • Hardware - full hardware design, including schematic capture, layout, testing, etc.

  • Firmware - C, C++, and experienced with power optimization

  • Software - Java, C++, and many others

  • Testing - Board testing, battery characterization, validation & verification

  • Compliance - help get products through FCC/UL/CE certification


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Our clients range from a guy with an idea in a garage to Fortune 100 companies. Our projecrts range from a sensor that’s small enough to fit into a mouth, to a 2 foot long board for an industrial light. We’ve designed products in almost every industry, including:

  • Medical

  • Industrial

  • Consumer

We also work with companies to assist their R&D efforts; oftentimes it’s faster and easier to have us do the work than an internal team. Finally, we are brought in to projects often for design reviews or to fix issues.


about us

We started as Tesla Controls over 10 years ago but a car company became a little popular so we changed our name to Xology in 2008. We exist to design great products - from small prototypes that the world will never see, to high volume consumer electronics. Oftentimes we get called in to fix problems that others can’t solve.




Derek smith, President

Prior to Xology, Derek co-founded Awarepoint, an asset tracking company that used low power RF to monitor assets in hospitals. In 2008 he left to create Xology, specializing in electronic engineering, especially Sensor to Server solutions. He has been awarded over 20 patents, and has deep IP experience including IP strategy, writing patents, licensing, royalties, etc.