Industrial projects need to work for a long time in harsh environments. Work on these projects often entails detailed battery characterization to determine the optimal battery. Industrial products we have worked on include:

  • Environmental Sensing, over BLE/Wi-Fi

  • Embedded wireless modules

  • Wireless gateways - many

  • Air purification

  • Theatrical lighting, both control and fixtures

  • Bluetooth Beacons - many

  • Stop-motion animation hardware


Consumer products typically have much higher volumes than other types of products but also more aggressive cost targets. On these types of products we often spend as much time reducing the cost of the manufacturing test process as we do on the design. Consumer products we have worked on include:

  • Water Leak Detector

  • Wireless Shutter/Blinds controller

  • Baby Products

  • Bluetooth linked umbrella (yes, an umbrella)

  • Disposables


Medical device development is much different from other projects and requires a much greater level of documentation and testing. We are experienced with the ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality management system for medical device development. Medical devices we have worked on include:

  • Intra-oral

  • Intra-cardiac

  • Diagnostics

  • Body-worn sensors