Wireless Modules

XL1310 Top.png

Oftentimes we notice similar needs in the market, and where we cannot find a solution to the market we’ll develop one ourselves.

The XL1310 is a Sub-1GHz Wireless Module.


This module was designed to incorporate the features you need, including:

  • Texas Instruments CC1310 IC

  • 30 GPIO pins available

  • Easy to use Land Grid Array (LGA) package

  • Onboard 32kHz and 24MHz crystals

  • 3 Antenna Options

    • Wire Whip

    • U.FL Connector

    • RF Pad

  • Up to +10dBm RF output

  • Integrated Shield


The XL1310 module is designed to be used wherever you need a good Sub-1GHz module. Advantages of Sub-1GHz include better range compared to 2.4GHz.

Evaluation Boosterpack

To facilitate development, we designed a small evaluation board that is compatible with the Texas Instruments Launchpad system. This board can slip on top of their Launchpads for ease of evaluation.


We designed this board to showcase the module. In addition to the module in includes:

Boosterpack JPEG.jpg
  • SMA Connector for external antenna

  • BoosterPack compatible headers

  • Serial flash (for storing firmware)

  • 10-pin JTAG programming connector

  • Two LEDs

  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor

  • USB interface, for connection to PC

This board will help you get up and running very quickly.


We included a firmware build on the module that incorporates a simple AT command set, to make it very easy to get up and running.